Our Partners

Abba is an organization that allows students to attain a professional certification in Germany, and plays an important role in Bolivia thanks to its successful labor integration, efficiently contributing to economic, technological, and social development in the country.

Bioversity International is a global research organization for development, whose vision is that in the future, agricultural biodiversity will provide food security and in this way permit long-term sustainability for the planet.

RED+VOS is a movement of younger generations who look to generate youth participation in initiatives and projects in different areas (climate change, resource consumption, etc.) for the creation of a better world.

Partners of Americas is a cooperative that brings in many different actors – volunteers, development professions, the government, businesses and institutions of higher education – to the table with an end of adapting resources, knowledge, and the will to help make oneself into an agent of change.

Martadero is a project integral to the artistic and cultural development for social change, which works for social development through art and culture starting with seven areas of artistic creation and seven programs for social development. is an international ecological organization with the objective to create a global movement to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and prevent climate change.

The Alcide d’Orbigny Natural History Museum of Cochabamba presents an exhibition of the complete encyclopedia of the natural sciences, which illustrates primary minerals and fossils from the rocks of our ground, the evolution of living beings, and the changes from those who have crossed these lands in the course of geological time.

Global Power Shift is an organization whose end is to incentivize organizations, governmental entities, and citizens to take action towards a change in global energy to fight against climate change.

The Catholic University of Bolivia creates professionals capable and committed to development, with a permanent dialogue with science, freedom, and faith.

Earth Force is an organization whose objective is to train youth to be active participants in confronting environmental challenges in their communities (water, environmental sustainability, health, etc.) and to be resilient today and in the future.

Sustainable Bolivia is a non-profit organization based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Its object is to provide human and financial resources to Bolivian organizations who support the social development of the country, offering university students and foreign professionals the opportunity to gain work experience through internships and volunteering in Bolivia

The private University of Administrative Sciences and Technology “UCATEC” has a firm conviction to develop professionalization services in different areas of higher education, based on an academic model that values quality of education, supported by scientific and technological investigation to contribute to the creation of professionals who are aware of the challenges of the 21st century.

Friends for Conservation and Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the natural resources and culture of forests.

The farm model of the foundation Simon I. Patiño seeks to develop, innovate, and promote different agrobiology production techniques; spread the input from investigations and the development of agrobiological agriculture.


Asen is an Australian organization that has a goal of uniting environmental activist youth from Australian surroundings in order to generate a change.

The Center of Higher Education Studies in the Univesity Mayor of San Simon of Cochabamba has an end of organizing academic programs and research in the social, political, and economic sciences.

Cosude is an organization whose objective is to improve cooperative initiatives with Switzerland and Bolivia, helping to develop in conjunction sections of the population.ón.html