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Our volunteer program requires participants to have a serious commitment and dedication to service through individual and/or group work in our different sectors of action. Gaia Pacha looks forward to working with students and professionals from Bolivia and the rest of the world who are willing to share their experience and leadership to resolve the diverse environmental problems faced by Bolivia.

Bolivian and foreign volunteers alike will be able to work on projects that will take place within the framework for our Environmental Education and Investigation programs. Some more notable initiatives include the development of environmental education campaigns such as “Pedestrian Day”, “Green Apples”, and working in rehabilitation centers. A large part of the work undertaken by Gaia Pacha is geared towards designing, producing, and distributing educational materials, as tools for the promotion of behavioral changes in the general population. Along these same lines, Gair Pacha is closely involved with the production of a radio program in coordination with an alternative radio station, ]aired two times per week.

As part of our efforts to confront the negative impacts of climate change, the Foundation has earned a nationwide reputation for its research endeavors on mitigation and adaptation strategies for the majority of affected people in Bolvia.


What do we require?


To apply to the Volunteer Program you must share Gaia Pacha's objectives and meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be responsible, enthusiastic, commited to Bolivia's sustainable development, and eager to learn and share
  • Have an intermediate Spanish level
  • Be able to work for a minimum period of three months
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and work well in a team

What do we offer?



The Volunteer Program offers:


The opportunity to participate in any of Gaia Pacha's projects, for example, hands-on formation in the field of environmental education.

The possibility to be part of a team of recognized professionals and to belong to a leading environental institution.

For University students, this volunteer experience can be used as valuable professional experience or for internship credits.

90% of work will be conducted in the field.


Find more information or get in touch with us via our web-page:


Program Structure


The structure of our program is described below:



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