Earthkeepers in Bolivia

In Bolivia, since the late 1970’s, traditional environmental education has proven to be insufficient in order to tackle environmental degradation and climate change. Traditional environmental education continually fails to connect fundamental natural principles, such as photosynthesis and water cycles to our everyday actions.

The Gaia Pacha foundation, in its search for alternative education approaches, is implementing a pilot Earthkeepers Program. This world famous program was developed by the Institute of Earth Education (IEE). The IEE has also developed other childrens' hands-on environmental education programs such as Sunship Earth.  The core of these programs address, with meaning and magic, the ecological concepts of energy flow, cycles, diversity, community, interrelationships, change, and adaptation which the children remember by the formula EC-DC-IC-A.

The implementation of the Earthkeepers Program in Bolivia will be the first in its kind to be in Spanish and in a Latin-American country.  This will facilitate its replication in other similar countries facing environmental degradation and also rich in natural resources. The Earthkeepers, is also part of a financial sustainable strategy of the Gaia Pacha’s foundation to ensure its long-term impact. Since 2006, Gaia Pacha's work has been mostly supported by volunteering efforts.

A working Earthkeepers program in Bolivia will have a great impact at different levels.  First, it would be the first time a non-traditional environmental education program will be implemented in a Latin-American country, where the need of more mindful people about the environment and natural resources is needed.  Secondly, an alternative approach to face environmental problems, with more meaning and more magic, will be a reference for the national education curriculum.  Finally, the strategic location of the pilot program in the Santa Cruz lowlands will facilitate the replication in the rest of the country, and even in other Latin-American countries.

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