Management 2009


February 2009 Auxillary Alternative Education Project.

In 2009, Gaia Pacha Foundation began to implement an auxiliary education program for children at Alcide D’Orbingy Natural History Museum. This program supports the Museum goal of developing educational activities through the implementation of alternative, specialized teaching programs based in environmental education and consciousness-raising. The methodology of this work consists in developing auxiliary outdoors activities that support Museum goals. The two main areas of work, environmental understanding and environmental education, are defined as follows:

  • Environmental understanding: develop dynamic recreational activities that encourage children's curiosity and promote research in subjects such as paleontology, entomology and biodiversity.

  • Environmental education: create spaces focused on the work of consciousness-raising and changing the behavior of the target group based on the issues most relevant to the situation in our country. The work is based on games and activities that awaken the imagination and environmental awareness of the children.


Feb 2009 Alternative environmental education project

In 2009, Gaia Pacha Foundation started an environmental education program for blind children from "Manuela E. Gandarillas" Rehabilitation Center for the Blind. This program supports the objectives of rehabilitation and integration of blind persons, since it strengthens the environmental awareness of the participants, enhancing their knowledge of environmental issues with relevance to their everyday lives

The methodology consists of developing weekly activities, in accordance with participant ages; said activities are based in three important areas:

1.- Environmental education: focuses on sessions of awareness-raising and behaviour-change for the target group, based on the issues with the most relevance for our country’s situation. Includes activities about garbage, recycling, climate change, conservation of natural resources, etc.

2.- Nature education: focuses on fostering appreciation for nature and biodiversity. Includes working with natural materials in order to pursue activities, such as planting and caring for plants, and visits to natural spaces like the Botanical Garden.

3.- Peer Environmental Education: planning, designing and implementing an environmental awareness campaign directed by the children who participated in the sessions.


September 2009. Environmental Education Program

In the second semester, Gaia Pacha Foundation carried out the Environmental Education Program, in which we executed such activities as:

  • Organizing 2009 pedestrian and bicycle day
  • Designing material for training sessions
  • Carrying out training activities in Manuela E. Gandarillas
  • Participating in the IV Iberoamerica Congress of Environmental Education Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Participating in the Environmental Education Experiences Conference–Bolivia