Research in Climate Change and Municipal Actions: Comparative Study Cases in the communities of Aiquile (Cochabamba), Challapata (Oruro), and Padcaya (Tarija).

Fundación Gaia Pacha


This project, which started in March 2012, was one out of five research proposals funded by the PIEB (Strategic Research Program of Bolivia) and the Danish Royal Embassy. The research contest was held under the Water and Climate Change framework.

This research sought to determine whether there is a direct relationship between the degree of community-based actions of mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change, and the response from their local governments such as municipalities. The abstract video can be seen in YouTube through this link:

This comparative analysis included different key actors that witness day by day the effects of a changing climate in Bolivia such as rural households, NGOs, municipalities, regional governments, government ministries, and different multilateral agencies.  The research was conducted in the municipalities of Aiquile (Cochabamba), Challapata (Oruro), and Padcaya (Tarija)


Applying different qualitative research tools such as community maps, semistructured interviews, and Venn diagrams.