Management 2006


March 2006. Publication of First Bulletin "Say No to genetically modified foods"

Our first activity was to produce a bulletin called "Say no to genetically modified foods," thanks to financing from the organization Terra Viva, which belongs to RALLT, "Network for a Latinamerica Free of genetically modified foods".

This bulletin was addressed to different societal groups of Cochabamba department: secondary school and university students, professionals and others.


April 2006. Elaboration of Information Panels for Climate Change Trainers

The panels were prepared as our second activity, thanks to support from ENERGETICA (Energy for Development). This project was designed to strengthen the implementation of the Climate Change Trainers project, which worked with secondary students from several Cochabamba department schools

The subjects undertaken were improving climate change adaptation and activities for primary and secondary schools. Six panels, each with different information, were built and shown in the School Park, and visited by various schools of Cochabamba department.


June 2006. Awareness Campaign "Let s Save the Madidi FGP"

This campaign was designed to create awareness among the general public of Cochabamba department, providing information about the natural wealth and main characteristics of Madidi National Park and its Natural Area of Integrated Management. In addition, we presented the problems and threats that this protected area suffers from genetically modified foods.

Thanks to support from Simon I. Patiño University, we were able to design, edit and publish a brochure with relevant information about this protected area. In turn, a contact network was developed at the national level concerned with the protection and conservation of protected areas, in order to synthesize the information of these institutions and render it accessible to the general population.


August 2006. Environmental Education for children related to adequate garbage disposal.

One of the main activities promoted by Gaia Pacha Foundation is environmental education, which complements formal education in the schools.

One of the first activities of this program was the preparation and implementation of training and environmental awareness sessions at the Marquina Educational Unit for 150 children in Quillacollo. These sessions were based on the proper management of solid residues, and aided by an expert in paper and plastic bags recycling, Teresa Alem, who helped to prepare different practical activities.


October 2006. Environmental Education for young people and adults

Carrying on with environmental education activities, several environmental awareness sessions were elaborated and implemented in different places and with diverse target groups, including SAR, Bolivia Salvation Group, whose main goal is the continual training of their volunteers in different subjects, among these environmental ones.

Various training sessions were developed for active and future volunteers of this group. The theme was Cochabamba´s environmental challenges, such as air quality, water, biodiversity and solid residues; 50 volunteers were trained.