No thanks, I have my own bag!

Fundación Gaia Pacha

The world’s population has become dependent on the use of plastic, especially for the creation of shopping bags, a phenomenon which has grown in the last few years. Globally, people use 1 trillion plastic bags a day for common tasks like going shopping or buying bread from a nearby bakery. The population of Bolivia uses 1.3 million plastic bags per day, 90,000 of which are used by the citizens of Cochabamba.

The Foundation Gaia Pacha seeks to raise awareness and change habits regarding the use and production of plastic bags in the city of Cochabamba by launching the campaign “No thanks, I have my own bag”. This campaign seeks to progressively reduce the use of plastic bags in the city, replacing them with cloth bags made from polyethylene fiber, which has a much smaller impact on the environment. These bags have a smaller environmental impact because 1 well-maintained cloth bag prevents the dumping of 400 cloth bags into the environment every year. Additionally, the use of plastic bags leaves a carbon footprint (their creation causes carbon to be emitted) of 10g per bag, as well as a water footprint (because water is used to make them) of 185 liters per bag. The reduction of 400 plastic bags per year would represent a reduction of 4000g of CO2 released into the environment.

Gaia Pacha invites organizations to collaborate in the launch of this campaign, because it recognizes that these organizations are stakeholders in changing people’s attitudes about the use of plastic bags. In addition to improving the economy, the campaign would contribute to the community by improving the environment which they depend on and adding greater value to their actions.


The organizations supporting the campaign would work to motivate all of the families in the city to change their habit of using contaminating plastic bags to instead using polyethylene bags. Many of the families who are involved in trade or own stores or small companies and use plastic bags to sell their products would also save a significant amount of money by not using plastic bags in their businesses.