Who We Are

Gaia Pacha Foundation


Gaia Pacha Foundation is a Bolivian not for profit environmentalist organization, whose efforts are dedicated to the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment.

Our organization is the result of joint efforts from committed and trained professionals who are experts in the environmental engineering area.


In 2004, the "Save Madidi" project was born after a series of local events threatened the conservation of the Madidi National Park and Multi-Use Management Area (PN-ANMI), located in the north of the department of La Paz, Bolivia. The "Save Madidi" project was developed by students studying Environmental Engineering at the Bolivian Catholic University of San Pablo in Cochabamba. The efforts invested in this initiative were dedicated principally to raising awareness for - as well as proving the value of - the natural heritage of Bolivia during the following years.

This first joint endeavor showed the necessity to invest efforts in the care and conservation of the environment. In February 2006, the majority of participants from "Save Madidi" reunited to establish a new initiative based on a perspective of collaborative, productive work, reflected in the name that the organization adopted: Gaia Pacha.

The Gaia Pacha Environmental Organization gradually achieved public recognition, owing to the constant and active participation of its members and its collaboration with other similar organizations in the promotion and discussion of environmental problems. Due to this growing reputation, in June 2007, Gaia Pacha signed an agreement with the University of Simón I. Patiño (USIP), who, in recognition of the potential and developed work, provided infrastructure and logistic support for the various activities of the Organization. In October 2007, Gaia Pacha developed several activities with, and became a member of, the Civil Harmony Society/Birdlife International, an institution dedicated to the conservation of birds in Bolivia.

Who we are

In 2008, the Organization obtained the Prefectural Resolution of the Departmental Government of Cochabamba, becoming an official organization under the name Foundation Gaia Pacha, registered No 083/08. Established as a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and conservation of the Environment, through means of initiatives and research projects, extension and development of distinct fields and areas of action.

In practice, Foundation Gaia Pacha has established various bridges and partnerships with other institutions and people who are involved with environmental causes. Our work is based on cooperation between other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), universities, research centers, companies, and state government agencies.


The purpose of Foundation Gaia Pacha is to create and implement technical and scientific proposals that promote the creation and reconstruction of human awareness in relation to the environment, as well as changes in human behavior, while keeping in mind the context of the reality and circumstances of our country.


Gaia Pacha is a Non-Profit Organization that reflects the conviction and life philosophy of qualified women and men who are committed to the care of the fragile interaction between human beings and nature. Gaia Pacha is dedicated to the environment with a strong base in ethics, transparency, justice, and solidarity