No thanks, I have my own bag! Sticky

The No Thanks, I have my bag campaign,  launched by the Gaia Pacha Foundation, aims to tackle the growing problem brought by the extensive use of plastic bags in the city of Cochabamba. We plan to do this by educating the populace about the negative effects plastic bags have on the environment,  and then change habits of usage and production of plastic bags. We also seek support from other local organizations in order to broaden or impact,  and improve our chances of effectively reducing the use of plastic bags by increasing the use of reusable bags. Bolivia uses 1.3 million plastic bags on a daily basis,  and out of that number, 90,000 are from Cochabamba alone. If we can change the culture of massive plastic bag use,  we will make a big difference in reducing Carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn will benefit our environment.

climate change and adaptation

These workshops benefit both Santivañez and broader knowledge about climate change adaptation.  The community learns additional practices that address their questions and concerns, and Gaia Pacha learns from the women’s practical experience.  This mutual exchange empowers the women producers and shows us new resiliency methods that we can share with other communities in the future.

Wild Beats

The Wild Beats campaign, launched by the Gaia Pacha Foundation, is dedicated to creating a collective conscience about the cruel treatment and illegal commercialization of endangered species.

The campaign aims to achieve this by holding educational workshops and seminars that can effectively appeal to the populace of Cochabamba and other local organizations,  to work together to seize the illegal trafficking and purchasing of these endangered species.

Earthkeepers in Bolivia

Our children are not the future; they are our present. Bolivian youth, now more than ever, need meaningful learning experiences that teach the use of scientific reasoning skills while building a love and understanding of the amazing natural world that surrounds them.  The ultimate goal is to allow them to understand how the Earth functions and the impact of our daily actions in the natural system. That is why the Gaia Pacha foundation is implementing for the first time in Bolivia and Latinamerica the Earthkeepers program. Follow us and know more about the program and how you can collaborate!! 

Citizens' Actions for Climate Change Adaptation in Villa Coronilla

Gaia Pacha, funded by PROSUCO and Helvetas,conducted novel research in Bolivia.  The research determined how much climate change adaptation actions can reduce the negative impact on families' economies due to extreme weather episodes attributable to climate change in urban areas. This research took place in Villa Coronilla, the neighborhood of the "Heroinas de la Coronilla" in the South zone of the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Updated information in Spanish about this pioneering research can be found in our blog:

Also, yu can download free the Final Report of the Research in this link:

Urban Forests

The project focuses on creating urban forests, through planting trees in selected green areas and sidewalks which are devoid of vegetation and shrubbery. The project will also work on making urban concrete walls greener.

Latidos Silvestres In Global Giving

"Wild Beats" helps to curb illegal wildlife sales in the city by raising awareness amongst Bolivian citizens not to purchase these animals as domestic pets. We believe that if demand slows, then the illegal trafficking also slows . 

Subsequently, in order to initiate actions in terms of environmental policy, Gaia Pacha is seeking to obtain a decree that supports animal rights and to ensure that our determinations are met.

The aim of this project is to mitigate the demand for wildlife in the Department of Cochabamba; by cutting off the demand we hope to decrease the supply.

Gaia Pacha also hopes the project will raise greater awareness of the wild animal trafficking problem in Bolivia, and is also expected to protect natural area's characteristics and certain species that are face the huge risk of trafficking.


Mother Earth Festival

The Mother Earth Festival will promote Film & Culture for 10 days in Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.  The inter-regional event will start on Environment Day, 5th June and run until the 15th June.  More than 10 international movies, 10 documentaries, and 10 kid's short clips will be displayed, along with local art manifestations from different districts of the cities.  The idea is to promote a message of change, expecting that people can understand that is possible to live well & happy having less and thinking more.  The impact and results of this Festival in the city of Santa Cruz were ovewhelming!!.  Download the Report in PDF and in Spanish in the Publications page of this site.


Research in Climate Change and Municipal Actions: Comparative Study Cases in the communities of Aiquile (Cochabamba), Challapata (Oruro), and Padcaya (Tarija).




This project, which started in March 2012, was one out of five research proposals funded by the PIEB (Strategic Research Program of Bolivia) and the Danish Royal Embassy. The research contest was held under the Water and Climate Change framework.






Wild Heart Beats (Latidos Silvestres)

Since 2012, Gaia Pacha has addressed the growing problem of trafficking and inhumane treatment of wild animals in the department of Cochabamba.